Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Sept 14, 2010

Well that was a whirlwind month!

I have stayed consistent eating the Xyng product.  My weight loss continues!  I must say that I've lost more inches than weight itself.  I am officially down to 274.  I have not been this low in a decade or longer!  There was a 2 week period where I lost not one single pound, but clothes that were tight, were actually getting more loose during these 2 weeks!

My physical activity has remained high.  I get so much more done during the days now.  I Love the energy and "good feeling" I get from the nutrition in Xyng weight loss formula.  

I found that Most days I require 3 xyng.  I am so much more active that I burn up the nutrition from the first couple of Xyng before lunchtime.  I take a third xyng capsule early afternoon.  This sustains me until bedtime.

I was having a bit of trouble for a few days feeling a bit sleepy after taking Xyng.  My up-line mentioned that my adrenals might be exhausted.  A quick Kineseology muscle test  confirmed this!  I did a "reset" on my adrenals (I'm an esoteric healer and have techniques for doing this).  I also added in the "Global Blend" antioxidant juice from Xyngular as it supports the adrenals, thyroid etc.  

This juice made a huge difference! I began with a shot a day of Global Blend. Then upped it to 2-3 shots a day, depending on the physical challenges I submit my body to.  I have taken antioxidant juice drinks before.  What I like best about Global blend that instead of just one or two combined juices, Global blend has over 22 ingredients and juices to cover all bases with free radical scavenging and cellular energizing.  The juice brought my energy levels back up

I've also been using the "Cheat" dietary fiber that you sprinkle on any food that you want to erase 25% of the calories from.  This fiber expands and absorbs 400 times it's own weight!  The calories from this 25% of absorbed food simply does not get absorbed into the body!

The other product I have been taking is "Flush".  This is a blend of delightful herbs that assist the body in cleansing the Liver and getting the sludge out of the colon for better nutritional absorption of eaten foods.  Powerful yet gentle herbs.  This product is a must when using the Xyng product.  There is a tendency for the colon to get a bit sluggish from all of the fat it is eliminating.  Flush helps expedite these toxins out of the colon in a timely manner and so they don't get reabsorbed.

I like how all of Xyngular products work together synergistically to alleviate hunger and to diminish body weight.

My success is spreading to others~! I have friends and family who are also now taking the Xyng product and they too are all having phenomenal results!  I now work this as a business and am making a fair amount of money in a short time period.  Xyng sells itself!  I give samples to people I come in contact with and most of them end up purchasing product!

Be sure to order your supply today!  XYNG Works! Order here: http://www.xyngular.com/wconnect/wc.dll?jws~hpage~JKIMBROUGH

Happy day!


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Friday, August 6, 2010

XYNG Blog Friday, August 6, 2010

Today is Friday August 6, 2010.

I am calling today my "Friday the 13th".  Why? Cause I've officially been on XYNG one week today and I've lost 13 pounds! In ONE WEEK!  I know that the weight loss will slow down soon.  I think my body is just so happy to be eating less and choosing better types of foods that it is readily and easily giving up stored toxins and fats. YAY! Way to go body! Down to 281 from 294.

People are noticing the weight loss in me already. I mean come on, that's over an entire 10 pound sack of potatoes!  Look at a sack of potatoes next time you're in the grocery store and hold it up.  Imagine gluing them all over your body.  That's a lot of fat!

My clothes are much looser, my face is thinning out, and my lust for life has returned!

I've the energy and motivation now to walk daily.  I take one or two of our family dogs with me as they too need the exercise plus they like their time with "Daddy"!  I've talked about going on walks for a few years, but never did it until now.  The energy from the XYNG alone pushes me, and eating better food choices helps fuel the desire to do more!

Enjoy your day!


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jim Kimbrough XYNG personal experience weight loss: Last 3 days since starting XYNG weight loss

Jim Kimbrough XYNG personal experience weight loss: Last 3 days since starting XYNG weight loss

XYNG Blog Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today I awoke, and the scale showed no pounds lost.  I am not discouraged as these first few days were rather dramatic with the weight loss.  I know that a healthy weight loss is over time.  Too much at once can leave a person looking haggard and "look" like they are dieting.  This isn't a diet, it's a weight loss and health enhancer!

There is great news to report today.  I've suffered with a blood sugar that averages 247.  By the 2nd day as I'd mentioned in previous blog, my personal blood sugar reduced 100 points!

Today I took blood sugar reading and I was 104... 104 people!!!! This is "Normal" blood range!  Holy cow, how can this be? I am amazed daily by this product.  I haven't been normal blood sugar in years.

I've been asked about sleep.  I find that I am so much more active taking this supplement that I am physically tired and ready to sleep when the time comes at night.  I've had no problems sleeping  at all.  And this ongoing sense of well being and positive attitude that seems to stem from the XYNG is just so nice to experience daily.

I cannot say enough about this XYNG.  I think the world should know about it and soon!

Happy day!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Jim Kimbrough XYNG personal experience weight loss: Last 3 days since starting XYNG weight loss

Jim Kimbrough XYNG personal experience weight loss: Last 3 days since starting XYNG weight loss: "I begin this day writing about my personal experience as I go along since starting XYNG weight loss formula. This Friday morning, I begin m..."

Last 3 days since starting XYNG weight loss

I begin this day writing about my personal experience as I go along since starting XYNG weight loss formula.  This Friday morning, I begin my weight at 294 pounds
3 days ago, Friday, July 30th, I purchased my first box of XYNG weight loss pills.  I took a pill at 10:30 AM, the minute my contact sold me the box.  Within 45 minutes, I felt the  beginning effects of the XYNG.  What I felt was an increased alertness, and a gentle, but noticeable increase in my energy!  As it was lunch time, I thought about lunch, and I actually felt slightly queasy thinking about food... "WHAT???" This was new to me! I ALWAYS think about food and LOVE the taste of food, so yes, this was novel to me.
I drove home and went to the refrigerator to get something to eat. Nothing looked good.  I ended up eating a salad with some chicken for protein.  It tasted good, but I only wanted a fraction of my normal portion size.  I was "full" with this fraction of food! WOW!
I usually need a nap mid-afternoon, and This day, I needed none!  The energy and lack of desire for food lasted well until bedtime.  I did prepare and eat a balanced healthy meal, but it is of the foods I normally eat.  I found myself yet again, eating a fraction of normal portion size for dinner! 
Craving sweets after lunch and dinner has been on-going with me for decades!  Friday, No after meal cravings! Weird! I ended up eating a small bowl of red seedless grapes Friday night and that was perfect for a treat! I didn't want anything sugary as per my normal cravings.
With the increased energy, I had concerns that I'd be awake all night.  This didn't happen. I had so much energy Friday afternoon that I was outside for hours doing projects in the garage and yard that I'd been procrastinating on for some time.  I was tired Friday night and went to sleep at normal time.

Saturday: July 31, 2010

Of course as we all do upon beginning a "diet", I went directly to the bathroom scale and weighed myself.  WHAT? I Lost weight! WOW! I weighed 291.
I took my morning XYNG pill and felt the energy kick in 45 minutes later.  I had a very productive day working again in the yard, garage and house.  I had so much smooth, level, continuous energy.  The kind I had when I was much younger than my current 53 years of age.  I couldn't believe how much I accomplished!
I went to a BBQ Saturday night.  I usually easily pound down a couple of burgers, piles of chips, dips and dessert.  Tonight I had one burger, a few chips, dip, and 2 tablespoons of potato salad.  I literally had to force the last few bites of burger down.  I didn't want to offend the host!  I was stuffed. I also imbibed in a couple of cocktails.
I slept good Saturday night too.

Sunday: August 1, 2010

Another good nights sleep.
I awaken and immediately rush to the scales. 288 pounds!  SIX pound weight loss in just 2 days? I've never heard of such a thing!  here I am eating whatever I want, finding I need much less portion sizes, I don't feel hungry or cheated at all, and I'm losing weight! YIPPEE!!!!!

Sunday I am a bit tired from all of the physical work I did on Friday and Saturday.  Today I want an easier day, just being kind to my body.  XYNG Has a different idea in mind for me.
I've been talking for months about exercise and taking my dogs for daily walks.  It never materialized.  An hour after taking my XYNG, I had an incredible amount of energy again.  I leashed my dogs and off I went for a 30 minute walk! It was effortless! I usually am wiped and want to quit after a few blocks of walking.  I was amazed!  I once again ate what I wanted to, but found myself eating much smaller portions and feeling quite content.  I cheated Sunday night and ate graham crackers with Nutella spread and had a handfull of M & M's.  I felt OK doing this.

Monday: August 2, 2010

Another good nights sleep!  I rush to the scales thinking "Ok Jim, you ate sugar last night. Most likely no weight loss"... WRONG! I weighed in at 285 this morning!  Holy Cow!  This stuff is amazing~! I am sitting here writing and feeling good all over, my spirits are up, and I am not hungry.

I decided that I LOVE this product and so signed up to get it wholesale via my XYNG Distributors. It is $10 - $13 less a box wholesale, depending on how much you order. I ordered 12 boxes, as I know my friends and family will want some and won't want to wait to order it online!  I also ordered sample packs of 2 pills for people to try the product for free for 2 days!  I was convinced the FIRST day, but wanted to try it a bit more before ordering more boxes.

I wrote a bit on Facebook, and sent a couple of emails, and already, I have my 12 boxes sold! I was only going to be a user of the product. I had no idea I was going to begin the process of changing people's lives!

I neglected to mention that I am diabetic.  I've had trouble with my blood sugar levels.  My sugar level readings have reduced by 100 points in just a couple of days!

Deciding to write my experiences in a Blog is brand new to me.  I want this process documented as I go.  I want to share this with more people.

I work in the holistic health field as a natural healer.  This XYNG product is all natural, and works! It is simply amazing to me.

My moods have been steady and high.  A couple of the herbs in the ingredients balance emotional swings and give the feeling of well being.

I am excited for the month ahead. I will keep posts on my progress!

Here is the link to read more about the product and to actually order it if you feel so compelled.  You won't be disappointed! 

Jim Kimbrough, Upland, CA